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Enhanced External CounterPulsation
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Clinical Studies show that people notice:

Clinical tests show:

How do people feel after EECP treatment?

Patients often report a greatly improved ability to participate in activities of daily living, such as the ability to walk further, carry heavier objects, enjoy gardening and leisure activities and be more active and independent without having angina and breathlessness.

We aim to set goals with our patients at the start of the treatment process, and find that EECP is most effective if the increase in exercise ability gained after treatment is maximised through continued regular exercise, activity and ongoing cardiac rehabilitation.

For further study data and greater detail please see Clinical Data

This review of the treatment was submitted by one of the Dove Clinic’s patients.

Due to intensified angina and heart problems in the early part of this year, and having had an angiogram in March, I was recommended by my Cardiologist, Dr. John Watkins to attend the Dove Clinic for the EECP treatment.

It was certainly a totally new experience for me as I had not heard about this treatment before but I did appreciate the fact that I was not going to have surgery for another heart-bypass.  My initial quadruple heart-bypass was almost 16 years ago, in September 1994.   ... Read the full story

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People Exercising

What benefits occur after EECP?