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Enhanced External CounterPulsation
Available at The Dove Clinic

Patient Experiences


My name is JW and for many years have had health problems, but in the last few years have suffered mainly with angina; unable to walk more than 50 yards and my chest would tighten so severely I was afraid to go out alone.  Normal everyday things like my housework was so hard and took so long, having to rest a while so often, it was frustrating and depression set in.  My life was so low mentally.

Then I had an appointment to see my cardiologist, Dr J W and he told me about a new therapy treatment from America that was going to have a pilot study and said he would put me forward.  I was so happy that I was being offered a chance.  When I received the letter to say I had a place, I was over the moon. I met at the Dove Clinic in Twyford with Dr Richard Fuller and he explained EECP therapy treatment.  I didn’t have to think about it.  I was so excited that something was hopefully going to help my angina. I started treatment, which is quite an undertaking, every day for seven weeks and the treatment is so different to what anyone could imagine.

But now I have completed the treatment and I have improved so much.  I walk daily and alone, I feel so happy, no depression, no low days, I have no tight chest problems and recently walked to my local shopping centre.  I walked on my own a distance of just over 2 miles.  It took a while, but the the only thing that hurt was my feet. I now do housework, clean windows and much more, it’s wonderful.  Also, my short term memory has improved so much it really is unbelievable. I would never have believed it.  I hoped and prayed and EECP has not disappointed me.

I don’t know how to thank Dr Fuller and all the nurses who, over the seven weeks, became friends and brought me through a sometimes uncomfortable treatment, but I wouldn’t have missed one day of being ‘squeezed like an orange in a juicer’.  I hope more people like myself have chance to experience EECP so they too can have their lives back. Dr Fuller, Joy, Dee, Pauline, Anne, Ann and Sue, nurses at the Dove Clinic, will always be in my prays.

And thank you DOVE CLINIC for giving me this chance to experience EECP – I will be forever grateful.

Your most grateful patient

My wife Molly and I would like to say a big thanks to you and all your staff and also to Dr J W and his team of NHS Trust (Portsmouth). When I met Dr W he made me feel assured that he was going to help me to a better quality of life. At that time I could not get around too much and I was in a bad way.  I was unable to walk too far before I was in pain.

Dr W recommended to me this new EECP treatment, given by the Dove Clinic at Twyford, run by Dr Richard Fuller and his team.  I rang Dr Fuller the next day and made an appointment.  When I me Dr Fuller he explained the treatment (External Enhanced Counterpulsation) and I agreed to start as soon as possible.  After 15 hrs of treatment I was feeling much better and the people I met all said I was looking so much better.

Since I had the last of the treatment, my quality of life has turned around.  I can walk better, do not feel so tired and I am much happier. My angina has improved, the GNT spray I take 50% less (this is when I do too much in a short period of time or try to walk too fast). I would recommend the Dove Clinic EECP treatment to all who suffer with angina and heart problems. Molly and I would like to say a big thanks to the team who made our visits very pleasing and with the banter, the time went quickly.  We can’t praise them enough. Thanks to you all.
I really want to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the wonderful care and attention I received during the 7 weeks of my attendance. Hope to see you soon. With loving good wishes
Diagnostic tests in relation to my heart showed that I had a right bundle branch block.  Whilst enjoying exercise I suffered from chest pains and breathlessness when tired, and was advised that I could be a prospective candidate for angina.  Dr Julian Kenyon of the Dove Clinic advised that undertaking a course of Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) would be a wise preventative measure and would be likely to sustain my cardiovascular health for some years into the future.  I then attended for 35 hours of EECP treatment at the Dove Clinic in Twyford over a period of 4 weeks.

The results of this treatment were remarkable.  I am 75 years old and continue to work as the Director of a cultural centre which I co-founded and where my work combines physical exercise (such as dancing and game playing), administration (such as fund raising and report writing), and team leadership (of a team including both volunteers and full and part-time staff).  The period immediately following my EECP treatment turned out to be (due in large part to the recession and additionally to a reduction in staff availability) one of the most demanding and stressful of my entire working career.  For 2 months I found it necessary to work 7 days a week for some 60 hours per week.  I sailed through this as if I were half my age, and put this down entirely to the benefits of my EECP treatment.  After a break to recuperate from this effort I am now working (and playing) again for some 35-plus hours each week, and I continue to feel the benefits of my EECP treatment.